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Academic Coach

Dr. Winnie Chang Is The Area's Premier Academic Coach With a Proven Success Record.

Winnie Chang Coach knows that you can spend hour after hour reading and trying to retain knowledge and still tank a test. It is a hard truth of life that the consumption of and retention of knowledge is not always directly tied to the amount of time spent studying. Time management is an important aspect of studying, and having good time management skills can greatly impact your study sessions. Dr. Chang's tutoring can help you learn those things based on your specific weakness and strength in various areas and your personal learning style.

An academic coach is much like a coach for physical sport. Even a top athlete continues to learn new methods to practice improve form and increase skill. Even the best students find ways to improve their scores and learning abilities with a great academic coach. Do not feel like an inferior student for getting help from an expert learning scientist. Instead, understand that you are going to the professionals to help cultivate your current skills to a higher level and teach you more about the science of retaining the knowledge you work hard to learn and the skill of translating that information to higher test scores, better time management skills, and a more efficient study approach.

Contact Winnie Change Coach to schedule your session to plot an individualized learning plan with an academic coach who understands the science behind learning and knows how to identify and address the things that may be holding you back. The sooner you call the sooner you can start studying more effectively and making better use of your time.

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